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    Hard working, Fiscally Responsible

  • About Colin

    The Beginning

    In 1997, Colin LePage moved to Haverhill with his family and immediately became involved in the community. In 2009 he was elected to Haverhill's City Council and continues to be a strong advocate for both the residents and businesses of the City.

  • City Issues

    Less Talk ... More Action

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Over the past few years, Colin has identified over $1.2 million dollars in unaccounted funds that have been better utilized to lower your tax bills and increase funding for public safety and educational purposes.

    Public Safety

    During his time on the City Council, Colin has advocated for more police officers. This year he was one of the 5 Councillors who did not approve the budget until the Mayor agreed to an additional 5 officers.

    Curbside Recycling

    Colin advocated for and assisted in the implementation of the curbside single-stream recycling program which has resulted in savings for the City of more than $1.3 million dollars in waste disposal costs.


    Over the past 2 years, Colin was able to identify unaccounted for funds in the city budget and led the charge to reinstate the health program with the appointment of 3 new health teachers for our middle schools.

    Opioid Crisis

    Colin continues to advocate for a comprehensive health education program for our youth and visits our middle schools to speak personally with students in the 8th grade about the perils of drugs.

  • Current News

    City council seeks results from landfill solar plan

    "This has been going on for a long time. They just seem to die on the vine. We haven't even received enough information to act on," said Councilor LePage. "I'm all for less talk and more action."

    State Rejects Consentino Proposal;

    Council Adds Tilton, JG Whittier to List

    Rather than the limited renovation of the Consentino School, Councilor LePage recommended the city submit three statements of interest, one each for the Consentino, Tilton and J.G. Whittier schools.

    Annual tax battle continues

    Councilor LePage, who uncovered $600,000 in unaccounted for cash in miscellaneous city finances, said "a $600,000 reduction in the city's tax levy would reduce the average taxpayer bill by approximately $25."

    Council to explore recycling changes

    "If the implementation of curbside, single-stream recycling did not occur, the city would have paid an additional $1,303,265; which would have been dollars thrown in the trash," said Councilor Colin LePage.

    Behind This Year's Budget Battle,

    a Councilor Hits the Books

    His spreadsheets and charts may cause eyes to glaze over, but even those who disagree with him at times respect Councilor LePage’s ability to dig into City Hall’s most boring documents and find money.

  • Recycling Timeline - My Involvement

    Mayor James Fiorentini said the city saved about $109,000 in waste disposal costs in the fiscal year that ended June 30 because of its recycling efforts. - Eagle Tribune, 7/10/2011

    "More residents than ever are recycling their trash, and that is raising money for the city."

    Mayor James Fiorentini - Eagle Tribune, 9/27/2013

    In just 5 years of implementing the Curbside Single-Stream Recycling program, the City has saved over $1.3 million dollars in waste disposal costs


    February & March 2008

    Became member of Team Haverhill Recycling Committee & Mayor's Recycling Committee


    July - August 2008

    Collected signatures (1,000+) for curbside recycling "petition"


    February 2009

    Single-Stream Recycling (SSR) program begins at the DPW yard (500 Primrose St)


    July & October 2009

    Curbside SSR Pilot program starts on Tuesday and then Wednesday collection routes


    July 2010 (start FY2011)

    Curbside SSR program is instituted throughout the entire City


    August 2015

    In just 5 years of the Curbside SSR program, the City has saved over $1.3 million dollars in waste disposal costs

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  • Past News

    Councilors Formally Ask Mayor

    to Refund $300,000 Hunking Permit Fee

    Councilors led by Colin F. LePage, voted to have the disputed building permit fee removed from the Hunking School construction budget before final bills are totaled for the city's portion of the project.

    Public urged to stay vigilant about opioids - Councilor: City had 302 overdoses in 2016

    City Councilor Colin LePage said the number of opioid overdoses in Haverhill remains among the highest in the state, but he fears the public is losing a sense of urgency about the epidemic.

    Council: Mayor Must Answer More Questions,

    Faster Per City Charter

    Reading from the city charter, Councilor Colin F. LePage noted the administration is legally bound to answer questions after one week. LePage said Mayor James J. Fiorentini has not adequately answered city councilors questions—some dating back six months or longer.

    Mislabeled City Fund Reveals $600,000 for Taxpayers

    Council President John A. Michitson, left, reacts to Councilor Colin F. LePage’s discovery of $600,000 in unused money in an obscure city spending account.


    Scully to LePage: Health Instructor Plan on Track

    Scully gave an update, as requested by Haverhill City Councilor Colin F. LePage during the public participation portion of Thursday’s school committee meeting.