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    Hard Working, Fiscally Responsible

  • About Colin

    The Beginning

    In 1997, Colin LePage moved to Haverhill with his family and immediately became involved in the community. In 2009 he was elected to Haverhill's City Council and continues to be a strong advocate for both the residents and businesses of the City.

  • City Issues

    Less Talk ... More Action

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Over the past few years, Colin has identified over $2 million dollars in unaccounted funds that have been better utilized to lower your tax bills and increase funding for public safety and educational purposes.

    Public Safety

    Colin has continuously advocated for more police officers. Two years ago he was one of the five Councillors who did not approve the budget until the Mayor agreed to an additional 5 officers.

    Curbside Recycling

    Colin advocated for and assisted in the implementation of the curbside single-stream recycling program which has resulted in savings for the City of more than $2 million dollars in waste disposal costs.


    Over the past few years, Colin has identified under utilized funds in the city budget and led the way to reinstate the middle school health program with the appointment of 3 new health teachers.

    Opioid Crisis

    Colin continues to advocate for a comprehensive health education program for our youth and visits our middle schools to speak personally with students in the 8th grade about the perils of drugs.

    Energy Efficiency

    Colin advocated for the City to become a Green Community in which the City received a grant award of $315,000 in 2019 and will be eligible to receive $250,000 every year going forward.

  • Latest News

    Councilor: If "Joe Camel" Can't be on Billboards, Neither Should Pot Ads

    September 11, 2019 - WHAV

    “That’s a Whittier Tech bus. That’s also the bus stop and route for the Haverhill High School, Nettle, Golden Hill and Bradford Elementary students. What should we do?” LePage asked.

    Council to discuss retail pot ad regulations

    September 10, 2019 - Eagle Tribune

    "I can't control what happens in Somerville, but I'm hoping we can do something in Haverhill to protect kids from being influenced by billboard marijuana advertising," LePage said.

    Haverhill Seeks Permission to Waive Bid Laws and Make 'Emergency' Whittier School Repairs

    August 6, 2019 - WHAV

    Councilor LePage asks, “How much less would these things have cost if they had been taken care of when the issues came up? And what could possibly happen after this?”

    JG Whittier School Needs $3 Million in Repairs Even if Knocked Down in 10 Years

    July 23, 2019 - WHAV

    LePage says this scenario has played out before, noting the city spent $400,000 to temporarily fix the old Hunking School. “What is the point you don’t put money into the building anymore? When do you decide?”

    Council Approves $201 Million Haverhill Budget Upon Pact to Expand Maintenance

    June 26, 2019 - WHAV

    LePage schooled his colleagues on the history of public buildings. Nearly 20 years ago, the city had a Public Property Department with a staff of 14 people and a budget of more than $1 million.

    Councilors Question Consentino Roof Money

    April 10, 2019 - WHAV

    Councilor Colin F. LePage noted, there’s $68,000 leftover in a study to determine the future of the Caleb Dustin Hunking School. The replacement school opened two years ago ...

    State Awards Haverhill Green Community Grant

    April 8, 2019 - WHAV

    Haverhill was awarded $314,505 - Councilor Colin F. LePage advocated for the green designation, having Joanne Bissetta, deputy director of the state Department of Energy Resources, address city councilors.

    Create separate account for marijuana revenue

    March 13, 2019 - Eagle Tribune

    "What I want to know is where we’re going to put those funds and how they’re going to be allocated." LePage then put forward several suggestions: a youth risk behavioral study, additional high school substance abuse councilors ...

  • Recycling Timeline - My Involvement

    "More residents than ever are recycling their trash, and that is raising money for the city."

    Mayor James Fiorentini - Eagle Tribune, 9/27/2013

    "Recycling efforts have saved the city more than $2 million in reduced trash disposal costs since we began citywide curbside recycling in 2010," Mayor Fiorentini said.

    Eagle Tribune, 8/29/2018


    February & March 2008

    Became member of Team Haverhill Recycling Committee & Mayor's Recycling Committee


    July & August 2008

    Collected signatures (1,000+) for curbside recycling "petition"


    February 2009

    Single-Stream Recycling (SSR) program begins at the DPW yard (500 Primrose St)


    July & October 2009

    Curbside SSR Pilot program starts on Tuesday and then Wednesday collection routes


    July 2010 (start FY2011)

    Curbside SSR program is instituted throughout the entire City


    August 2018

    In just 8 years of the Curbside SSR program, the City has saved over $2 million dollars in waste disposal costs

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